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With over four decades of know-how and passed-down experience, the Bankston Family has built a business dynasty! Rodney and Kay started it all with their tire & appliance store in the early 70s. However, once Brent and Brad began to show interest in following suit, they knew something special was on the horizon - that's when an additional branch formed within this family affair. In case anything ever happened to him, Rodney wanted his two sons to be taken care of by having another company for them; thus breeding life into what we now recognize as natural collectible talents from both boys today!

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Bankston's Used Books opened its doors to the public in 1985 with a passion for serving customers and an eye on two booming industries: comic books and sports cards. With Brent and Brad at the helm, new possibilities beckoned thanks to their commitment to putting customer happiness first—just as they had done back when running their tire shop!

Looking back through the years, Bankston's Sports Cards & Comics and Austin Books & Comics have kept the tradition of friendly expertise alive. Both stores are staffed by people who share an enthusiasm for comics that dates all the way back to when it first began!

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